Interested in sharing your Nazareth experience with others? Consider joining the Nazareth Alumni Admissions Program (NAAP). Our best recruiters are often those who share their personal Nazareth stories with prospective students.

You can help by volunteering to:

Attend college fairs
Participate in the annual letter writing program
Contact prospective students
Contact or visit your local high schools
Refer qualified students from your area

You might also consider:

Hosting an event
Assisting the admissions team with recruitment and yield events on campus or in your area
Sharing information and materials about Nazareth with civic organizations and places of spirituality
Encouraging students to visit campus
Encouraging your friends to volunteer and to join NAAP

Most of the College's alumni say that if they could do it all over again, they would still attend Nazareth. With your help, a new generation of students can also experience a Nazareth education.

We can provide you with the latest recruitment materials, information, and tools, but we need you—our alumni ambassadors—to share your unique Nazareth story and help get the word out about the College to potential students.

For more details and to update your contact information, email Donna Borgus, Director of Alumni Relations, at