Alumni Award Nomination

Alumni Award Nomination

Nazareth College has two awards to recognize the significant achievements of Nazareth Alumni: the Outstanding Alumni Award and the G.O.L.D. Alumni Award. The influence of these alumni has been felt not only within the Nazareth community, but within the communities in which they live and work.

Interested in nominating a classmate or friend? Simply fill out the nomination form below and submit it online. If you have any questions, please contact Donna Borgus, Director of Alumni Relations, at or (585) 389-2471. Nominations are being accepted for Reunion 2014 and must be received by March 1, 2014.


A) Outstanding Alumni Award: This award recognizes the outstanding accolades of Nazareth graduates with regard to professional, personal, or community service achievements. Outstanding Alumni serve as role models for Nazareth students and further inspire, in their fellow graduates, a sense of pride in their alma mater (up to 2 awards).


B) GOLD (Graduate Of Last Decade) Alumni Award: This award is designed to recognize the achievements of an alumna/us who, having graduated within the past 10 years, has distinguished him or herself in the community or workplace while adhering to the values fostered by Nazareth College (1 award).


Nominees must:
  • Hold an undergraduate or graduate degree from Nazareth College.
  • Proudly identify her/himself with Nazareth through action and/or words.
  • Prior recipients of the award are not eligible for nomination.
  • Embody the mission statement of Nazareth College.
    • “ . . . to educate students in the liberal arts and sciences and in professional fields, with the goal of fostering lifelong commitment to intellectual, ethical, and aesthetic values; to develop skills necessary for the pursuit of a meaningful vocation; and to inspire dedication to the ideal of service in their communities.”

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Please answer the following questions in as much detail as possible. You only need to complete those answers that are directly applicable to your nominee.

1) In what ways has the nominee demonstrated a lifelong commitment to the intellectual, ethical and aesthetic values fostered by Nazareth College?

2) Please list professional achievements including, but not limited to: current profession and title (or, if retired, last position held); professional achievements; leadership; professional organizations; research or publications;honors/recognition; or other.

3) Please list nominee's personal achievements.

4) Please list voluntary service and/or leadership activities, including service/volunteer organizations and community involvement. Include citations and/or awards.

5) How has nominee’s achievements impacted his/her community or the community at large? (Looking for specifics)